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Monday, March 01, 2010


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I LOVE your blog! I googled eggplant, and how I will know when it is ready, as I am growing my own little veggie and flower garden, and I discovered this little treasure! LOVE!

At least you can still make some use of the remaining stuff. There are a lot of items left by the previous tenant.

Hi Martina,
Great blog! Came across your video on the Whole Food's website, through there I stopped by here. I'm very inspired, I'm moving to a new place next month and I might try so of your experiments. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

well i think my eggplant are ready then! happy farming!

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Hi! My name is Martina and I have a "farm" in my New York City backyard called FarmTina.

My definition of "farm" is really just a living space that brings together home grown vegetables & fruits, animals, flowers & trees, and concoctions that use all of these ingredients together... read more