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Sunday, March 14, 2010


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I can't wait to hear about the frustrations you have with them. I was in the same boat -- I loved that they were gardening, yet I hated how inconsiderate they were of other people's space. I think your fencing will help though, since they won't be able to see you and hence won't be able to ask you to water their garden, take them to home depot, or drive them to Queens (no joke!).

No way... they asked you to drive them to Queens?! I caught one of the kids trying to climb over my fence and I had to give them a lecture about ownership of space.

It would be really nice to have a relationship with them, but it's hard to do when I'm so frustrated with their inconsiderate gardening.

(Note to everyone: Sonia was the previous tenant in my apartment! She has all the good info on my space.)

i love your blog!!!! happy to have found it.
i live in riverdale (bronx) and my apt. bldg super and his mom (puerto rican) have planted fig, peach and apricot trees all around the front grounds - mature fruiting trees that we all enjoy each summer. so cool.

you should read A Tree Grows In Brooklyn - a beautiful classic: http://classiclit.about.com/od/atreegrows/fr/aafpr_treegrows.htm

I think you should either stop being so uptight or swap gardens.

and besides, free squash seeds? just dig em up and replant.


one love/

Bear in mind that they need food sources -meaning you need to keep feneidg them the pests. Beneficial predators follow and/or seek food sources. If you do not have bugs, they will not stay.That being said, consider a bat house (one bat consumes 1,000s of bugs each night). Purple Martins do the same (a bird). Of course, attracting crop-eating birds isn't swift).

If I understand correctly. You're complaining about an improvement to an empty lot that you would have done nothing with...

I should have stopped reading when you complained about neighbors drying clothes outside.

Kevin, I was not complaining about drying clothes outside, I was saying how adorable it was! They have rose bushes and a sweet backyard, I love it! But yes, I WAS complaining about the empty lot gardeners. It's very rude gardening-- they don't weed anything and they let their end-of-season food rot in the yard which attracts rats. I wouldn't eat anything that grew in that space, it's pretty gross! Food is literally growing next to spilled gas tanks and corroding car parts. Empty lots are a risk here in BK...

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