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Friday, May 07, 2010


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Martina, I love your blog! This is exciting and inspiring. Just moved to a house with a pretty established garden, including some lovely hydrangeas and I was wondering what color they would be. I'm hoping white, go PH Neutral!


Thanks so much for the info about chameleon weeds! I thought my hydrangea multiplying itself was too good to be true. I am heading out now to pull those pesky imposters.

First year growing Gydrana Bush. It is planted in a large cemente pot. Will it be ok to leave it in that or shuld i plant it in tge ground.

Hi Bonnie, very excited for your first year! The hydrangea plant should be ok in the cement pot, but it will grow larger each year so you might want to think about transplanting it to the ground in a few years. If you want to keep it in the pot, you can prune the plant to keep it small-- do it before the hydrangea begins to bloom, in late winter juuuuust before spring approaches.

Good luck! Keep me updated!

they root easily..mine took ptecanie, a pop bottle as a greenhouse untill it was strong enough to live without it.You can get attached to plants grown from seeds or cuttings, willing them to grow some more... Hanna,I hope my cutting grows into a big mama hydrangea who roots easily.My experience now is do the cuttings in the spring, not summer.I was fighting against the plants natural growth cycle... UK Bob I have not eaten it yet.It will be lunch today.I have sniffed the wines frequently, but the expectation is driving me mad.Six months is ages...

Hi yaNice to see someone hviang success with hydrangea cuttings. Can you tell me what time of year you made your cutting? I hope your hydrangea is doing well. I have recently discovered white hydreangeas big time and bought a beautiful one called "Juliana." If I knew what a blog was or how to work this thing I would send you a photo of this breathtaking and sensational flower. You sound like very nice people up there.cheersJohn RohsChristchurchNew Zealand

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