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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


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I'm 100% willing to come pee into your machine.

Agh, I've always wanted a composter! I feel bad using my garbage disposal when I could be making perfectly good soil!

I have one of their composters. But the thing is so loud (especially when it's not full), that I stopped using it. 475 sq feet plus two people apparently does not leave room for a clonky composter. But I wanted so much to love it, I really did. If anybody in Boston wants to buy it and has a kitchen further away from the bedroom than I do... let me know!

Casey, that is so funny because I originally had the same issue! I live in a studio apartment, so my "bedroom" is also my "kitchen" (and my living room, dining room, office...). I ended up moving the composter as far away from my bed as possible and surrounded it with my recycling bins. My theory was that the new location would buffer the noise. I can't tell if it worked, or if I just got so used to it that it doesn't matter anymore!

Hmmm maybe I should try again!

We love our composter here at Frenchboro School. We actually add it to our outdoor composter and it spends up the entire process. The kids don't seem to notice the sound, which is great and in the summer, I take it home with me and just keep it running all summer (like you said, sort of like a pet!). This thing totally rocks my world. I wrote a grant to get it for our school garden/composting service project and I have not been sorry! I heard that eucalyptus leaves can poison a compost so I stay away from those, and apparently peonies carry diseases that can spread in a compost so I avoid those too. I have yet to pee in ours as somehow I think our school board would have issues with that...

Thanks for the tips about eucalyptus and peonies! I love the blog where you're documenting your one-room schoolhouse adventures. So cool to read about it!

Ok, I realize this post is quite old and the coupons may not be available anymore but if you still have them I would love one. The NatureMill website says you can do dog poo. I hope so, do you think you can do dog pee? My dogs are litterbox trained, I'd love to compost that.

I'm tempted to join you in compnstiog but I'm pretty sure that I won't qualify for the check since we have not one, but two bigger gray trash carts that are full every week. I envy your green-ness !

I was at Good Will the other day and a man was buying a used toy chest the large ptlsaic kind made from fisher price I think. He said he was going to drill some holes in the bottom and use it for a compost bin closer to his house.. I bet it will work ok because those things are made to last.

I watched this prior to abnemslisg the compost tumbler and was a little worried the directions and the assembly would be bad. I have to say the directions were spot on. Every part was clearly identified and at least to me, the directions were very precise. I kept waiting for? the gotcha moment and it never came. I was actually looking forward to a long assembly time to get me out of other chores but I was done in an hour. And, I clearly didn't hurry.

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