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Saturday, May 08, 2010


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A tiny farm in the middle of the city? It's like you're living inside a storybook. Watch out for Mr. and Mrs. Raccoon. They might steal your corn!

Speaking of corn, how tall will the stalks get and how many ears of corn do you think you'll be able to harvest? Just curious.

Hi Heather! The corn is sort of an experiment: In order for an ear of corn to produce niblets, each ear needs to be pollinated multiple times. This is no big deal in a huge corn field full of bees and pollen flying everywhere, but here in FarmTina, I'm planning to manually pollinate the corn just to be safe. Don't worry, I'll walk you guys through the entire process when it gets there...

If my pollination plan works, each corn plant should bear 1-2 ears, and I have 10 plants.

Soooo... you are going to be posting photos of you artificially inseminating your corn? Your blog is officially NSFW!!!!! Hahaha.

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