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Friday, May 21, 2010


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I didn't know that there were two types of strawberry plants. Yours looks very healthy! I hope that you get a good harvest from it.

Martina, I just harvested alot of strawberries (finally) and need a recipe! HELP!!!

I'm glad that I've found your www.farmtina.com web site.
What a fantastic blog!! I loved how detailed each of the entries were. They were well balanced - fun and informative - and the pictures were great too.

strawberries can take snow .generally the 2nd year is the most productive you just need to mulch them with leveas for the winter or straw. you should be reworking your beds every winter/fall. plugs are the way to go. most people kill their bare roots and even commercial growers are moving away from bare roots to go with plugs. i ve grown strawberries from seeds. not worth the effort. i mulch my beds very heavily 2 a year and dust with diatom. earth for bugs. plant in the fall/spring. nice bed.

Hi, I built 3X6 raised beds but the june beanrig strawberries quickly become just an out of control mat of plants that cause limited production and mold, bug problems. I have to find a better way to keep the plants organized and is not as labor intensive. Have you tried growing strawberries on a vertical structure? What type of critters do you have to deal with in California? Here in MA, the robbins, bluejays, squirrels, chipmunks left little for me to harvest.

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