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Monday, June 14, 2010


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I love this idea! Wish I had some lavender in my "garden." Hmm... project for later.

But would the vinegar actually condition your hair and make it feel soft? I want to try it but my hair feels like straw if it doesn't get conditioner in it.

Also, does this homemade shampoo make your hair feel "clean" enough? I have really thick hair and sometimes natural shampoos still leave it feeling slick.

Other than those two questions, I think this is an awesome idea! I want to know about more things you can make out of farm ingredients.

you know how seriously I take my hair....I'm going to have to try this and get back to you!

Don't fret, girls! The vinegar will indeed make your hair soft. And baking soda is different from cleaning with natural shampoo because it is really just one ingredient. Some natural shampoos add lots of stuff to try to mimic the scent and texture of chemical shampoos. They're still adding all-natural ingredients, but it's just muddling up the basic need: the cleaning!

Karell, the reason your hair feels like straw if you don't condition it is because your hair is addicted to chemical conditioners. You'll definitely have a transitional period as you ween your hair off of chemicals. Think of it like drinking coffee: you feel tired if you don't drink it every day, but if you can handle the transition to get away from it, you don't need it any more and you feel better than ever.

Melissa, you could add anything you want for scent! Someone I spoke to recently suggested tea tree oil.

i've been meaning to try apple cider vinegar, i heard it makes your hair super-shiny, which i likes.

Nizoral is a great shampoo for dadrunff. Early studies have shown that it helps re-grow hair as well. Head and Shoulders and Selsun have actually shown to increase hair loss! Nizoral is available at most drug stores and even grocery stores. It is about $10 a bottle.

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