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Thursday, June 03, 2010


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I have noticed that on your list of vegetables you have crossed off Yellow Pear Tomatoes and Eggplant. What happened?

I started these seeds in my "greenhouse" (ahem, kitchen) but then I decided not to transplant them into the garden. Instead, I gave them to a friend who wanted to start her own Brooklyn backyard farm. But I didn't want to just delete them from the list because I had already put so much work into starting the seeds, so I just crossed them off!

I want peas now!

Hi! I just found your blog and this project is terrific. I added you to my blog so my friends will see what a cool thing you are doing. I used to live in Brooklyn (Greenpoint) and now I'm in Rome. I desperately need an herb garden for my terrace but i have never grown one. Maybe that will be my project next week....thanks for the inspiration.

I planted snow peas this year as late as May and I've read a lot of material which says they don't like the heat but it's July now and they're producing just fine. They have sun for about 6 hours then they're shaded but we've had 90 degree weather. I have 4 plants and picked 10 pods just today. The plants do get a little wilty when they're in the sun but once they're in the shade they're fine. They're even still growing. I keep waiting for them to die but they just keep on going.

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