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Monday, June 07, 2010


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Thanks for the tip about rotten eggs. I've always wondered how you could tell without actually having to crack that bad boy open. (Get it? Bad? Ehhh??)

Another thing I wondered: do you have to do anything to the eggs to ensure that they're "safe" for consumption? Do they have to be cleaned or pasteurized or anything before you actually use them for cooking?

And what do you think about using these fresh, eggs raw (like in making an aioli or eating cooking dough?). Is there a higher chance for salmonella and whatnot in these fresh eggs or in the supermarket eggs?

More importantly, what are you going to name your chickens?!

i can't wait!

this is rad.

Farm eggs are the best, and last much longer than store bought eggs as well. Chickens cooped up in a commercial farm tend to have larger internal populations of bacteria and yeasts. As the egg is being formed, some of those bacteria will find their way in, eventually spoiling the egg.

Karell: I am much more comfortable eating raw eggs from a farm of healthy, well cared for chickens than I am eating ones of unknown provenance from the corner bodega. They make great homemade mayo.

Oh, and another good way to tell if an egg has gone bad is to shake it gently. If you can feel the yolk bouncing around, the egg is past its prime.

So, here's a little thing that I forgot to mention: I've never actually seen a chicken in real life.

I wasn't kidding when I said that this farm would be an "experiment"!

I was giving my neighbor a massage today and I heard this 'whump' and one of her chickens had thrown itself at the glass door and then proceeded to peek at me, occasionally pecking the glass. Then several of her girlfriends lined up on the railing with her and they all stuck their necks out so they could look at me through the window. I never realized chickens were so hilarious. The other three were on the coop watching through the other window. I felt like I was on the Muppet Show. I'm looking forward to some crazy chicken stories as you just know that you'll have the zaniest chickens in all NYC.

Do you remember Jurassic Park? Chickens are basically cute, edible velociraptors that cluck instead of hunting you. They'll still try to eat you.

If I recall correctly, chickens were used to map the movements used for the dinosaurs in the movies. It's eerie.

Remember that you'll have to cover any baby plants, such as your baby lettuces, with... wait for it...

Chicken wire!

Hens 'scratch' for food and preferentially go for plants that were recently put in from trays. It's either because the soil is still soft and full of goodies from when you planted them, or because they're jerks.

Thanks for all this information, this is so helpful!

Michelle, I can't wait to have my own chicken Muppet Show. That sounds so funny.

Tim, I actually already have chicken wire around some of my plants because of all the feral cats we have in our neighborhood (http://www.farmtina.com/2010/05/let-us-discuss-lettuce.html). Little Lettuce Kitties!

I would raise them as pets who supply eggs, not for their meat.

Did you do all of this?? I am seriously considering this for next spring and just found out my town allows hens, but no roosters.

Ooooh, I wish you lived closer to me. I'm a big fan of bnuiyg local and from people you know. I was just telling my fiance the other day how I wish I knew someone local to buy things from. Thank you so much for stopping into my blog tonight and leaving a comment. Bloggy friends are just as important as local friends in my world. Us moms need to stick together! I can't wait to read your blog and I hope that you stop back to mine soon. :)

Stupid question, and it could polbsisy be answered if i were to go to the links, but i don't have time at the moment. Do you harvest the eggs or use them for a food source? Just wondering, I have a friend who raises chickens so that they have organic chicken/eggs and other stuff.

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