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Wednesday, July 07, 2010


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Some other thoughts are over fertilization, and poor pollination. I would lean towards poor pollination, since the seeds are oddly distributed. And of course, cucumbers should be picked before they turn yellow.

I wish you luck. Cukes are so yummy right off the vine.

Instead of adding commercial K, I suggest you cut up some banana peels and burry them around the plant.

Don't throw away yellow (ripe) cucumbers, you can make soup with it. Yellow cucumber soup can balance your Qi (chi) in the hot summer. The recipe is:
cut or whole yellow cucumbers, lean pork or spare ribs, two slices of ginger, put all in pot of water, let boil and then medium-low heat for 1 hour. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Better luck next time!

Another possibility is that you have a nitrogen deficiency. Plants become chlorotic and lose their green and go yellow when such a thing occurs. And this of course will augment the growth process and prevent physiological ripeness.

Also, is this the plain cucumber variety? Not a lemon cucumber plant? Because your inner flesh sure looks closer to that of most lemon cucumbers I've eaten.


and PS I can see your hammock.

last summer was super wet where we are, and we had similar bulby and sometimes yellow cukes. we didn't trellis or lift the plants off the dirt in any way, and i think the complete wetness etc made the fruit take up extra fluid or something. they still taste okay, never made us sick, so we just let it be. hope that helps!

Hi Martina,
I think you are on the right track with Potassium deficiency. If you can find potassium nitrate (13.5-0-44) try it at 1 Tablespoon/gallon water. Also use your internet talents to find out where you can get BioFlora organic fertilizers without paying too much shipping. http://bioflora.com/products I have been using the Dry Crumbles 6-6-5+8%Ca. I have never seen any fertilizer work so well! All I have given some have felt the same. They have a similar Home&garden product GO72 Dry Crumbles. See if you can find it. If not I will send you some from CA when I get home next week. Love to see you so into this project. Bill

I'm so glad I found you! I saw your pictures and thought 'There they - are MY cucumbers!' I have the same problem. I have been very bummed -I tilled over most of my garden because it has been so wet, but was hoping to salvage my cucumbers (your water comments helped me). I haven't done much in the past on soil prep, but maybe I need to pay more attention. At least I am in good company with yellow/round cukes! I planted mine right next to the tomatoes and even thought pollination with the tomatoes was making them round! There's always next year...

I am also glad to find this site. Because my cucumbers look just like the picture. I was told throw them out! But belive I will try the soup. Thank -you!!

My Cukes look Exactly like your pic. Has anyone had this problem and been able to solve it? I have 8 vines that are all producing these odd shaped veggies. I wanted to do pickles this year, but my hopes are sinking.

I don't know about the deficiency theory. I have the same problem with 2 rows of cukes in my garden, whereas another row produces regular long cukes?? Although its reassuring to know I am not the only one, I am still puzzled, since they all have the same soil, watering and nutrients...

Guess what... it's fixed! I figured it out! Check it out... http://www.farmtina.com/2010/08/cucumber-problem-fixed.html

i am having problems with my cucumbers all the plants that i have are growing they get to a few inches high then they die off when i pull them out there are no roots on them can some one help r give a solution to the problem thank you.


I have lots of cucumbers vines,lots of flowers , but dare it, it seems the fruit grows without me seeing it, by the time i see them they are large and yellow, and i look very other day. and some i caught are almost normal size but pale, never seen this before! what going on??? and the tomatoe are nest to them and the leaves are all turning yellow and dieing. help.

Little bubbles are fine, I have them in much of the stuff I can. You don't have to worry too much about aiicdc foods like pickles & tomatoes & fruits. The USDA standards for canning (the ones in the Ball Book) are super safe. There are some old recipes I follow and I process things for less time than recommended, the USDA standards are often overkill, they do that because they want to make it foodproof.If one of your jars doesn't seal properly you'll know it, usually the top will get moldy, then you simply throw out the contents. I think the scariness of home canning is partly a myth emphasized by food makers so you won't can your own stuff. So, keep canning and you'll get more and more bold with each batch of stuff.

Nice lemon cucumbers you have there. Looks like incomplete pollination is your only real problem. A Q-tip will help you on this problem in future. Take a Q tip push it into the boy flowers then go to the female flowers and let the pollen go into the female flowers. You will need to do this daily till the flower dies. Female flowers are the ones with what looks like a mini version of the cucumber under the flower. Potted plants should be fed at least 1 month especially prior to flowering with a good liquid potassium/nitrate feed.

Doubtful that it's a potassium deficiency or any specific nutrient...more likely related to poor pollination and excessive rainfall. Very rainy season here in seacoast New Hampshire...I have the same cuke problem...and so do most local farmers within 30 miles.

HELP!!I planted 6 small lemon cucumbers plants from a nursery about 2 weeks ago. I have noticed that 2 of the plants are wilting and limp. I water 1-2 times a day as I live in a dry climate and have fed them with a light solution of liquid vegetable fertilizer recently. This is a brand new raised garden with good soil.What could be the problem?

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