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Monday, August 09, 2010


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WOW! you rock! I am eating one of my weird little golf/tennis ball look-alike cukes and it tastes totally awesome, but i can't look at the round little goofy things when i take a big old crunchy bite. I am soooo gonna try the fish/chicken poop cocktail on my alien looking plants! thanks so much!

they look amazing, good job girl!

You can't order this product directly from the website or anywhere else...

I live in RI, so I'm certain those pics aren't from my garden, but sure could fool me!
Where in heaven's name can I buy the BioFlora stuff? Cannot order from the website, and seems all suppliers are on west coast? Is that the only option?
N. Providence RI

My cukes look exactly the same! I am in West Warwick, RI. I would love to know where to buy the BioFlora as well, please. As a side note, the fat cukes still taste good, but are useless for pickling. Very sad :(

My cuc's are doing the same thing. Very frustrating, but yes, they still taste good, but look so strange! The link to bioflora.com is bad. I think I'll try the banana peel theory and see how that works. Also, you CAN make your own fish emulsion. If you have any old fish in the freezer, just thaw it out, blend it up, add a little water and pour it around your plants. It WILL stink for a day or two, but well worth it, I think!

I am doing square ft gardening and am experiencing the same problem with most of my cuke plants. Where can I purchase this fish/chicken fertilizer? We are also in the middle of a drought here in Middle Tennessee, but I water regularly. Thanks for the tips.

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