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Thursday, August 12, 2010


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Cool! I'm going to try this today. Thanks!

Dear Farmtina,
Thank you for the very informative post on fruit flies! I hate them too. Can you please post an entry on how I might stop murdering my carnivorous plants? I can't keep one alive :(

Actually, yes Madlena, I do have some info on that! I've noticed a common mistake that people make in caring for their carnivorous plants, maybe this is the same problem you're having:

Carnivorous plants, especially Venus Fly Traps, need to have a dormant winter period or they can't survive. Just like humans need sleep, many plants need to go dormant! When these plants are in the wild, this happens naturally with the cold seasons. But if you keep them as houseplants, you'll need to simulate dormancy by putting the plant in the fridge for 2-3 months. Yep- put your Venus Fly Trap in the fridge.

Put the whole pot in a tupperware, or pull it carefully out of it's soil and put the plant in a ziploc bag. Do it during winter to keep up the plant's natural cycle, and then pull it out in spring to wake up!

Hope that helps!

Couldn't you just put the plant outside during the winter so that it goes dormant?

Lina, good question- you really don't want to put your delicate carnivorous plants outside to go dormant if you live in New England (like I do). The plants won't survive the freezing temperatures mixed with snow, wind, predators, etc.

But, if you live in a more mild climate, you could indeed put them outdoors. Where carnivorous plants grow in the wild, their habitat during dormancy would be dry and cool (but not cold).

Greetings from a fellow urban gardener in London.
Just bumped into your website looking for tips on fruit-flies, absolutely LOVE IT, super useful and inspirational, great design as well!. I've been growing my food for a while and just started to write about it myself.
Thank you so much, your posts, pics and video really made me smile. I'm not alone!

I have recently moved to the Chiriqui pnovirce (the Potrerillos area) in Panama and have photos of some plants I can't identify. How can I send these photos to someone to help me with identification and information about the birds, butterflies, etc that may be attracted to these plants. Also, we want to replant the farm we purchased with native trees and plants for the birds, monkeys, and other wildlife. I have done a lot of research on what Panamanian trees and plants would serve this purpose but now I can't locate a place to buy them. I have checked viveros and MIDA in Conception. Any advice on where to find local fruiting trees specifically for attracting birds, etc.?

I didn't get rid of them but I killed dozens of them hundreds of them just by spraying my counter tops with something like cleaning solutions which made them run from the smell right into the solution and die. I also sprayed alcohol based house scents around my planters which made them go scurrying.I put small bowls of water around my plants and around the house.That drowned the most of them especially at night.

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