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Tuesday, September 07, 2010


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you guys are pretty much the cutest little things ever...

i cant find my ear! o no!

You touch my heart. I've been gardening at it many years and was always told I didn't have enough space for corn...and then I saw your garden! A friend gave me 7 plants that are now happy and healthy..except for the earwigs that chomped down the silks. EACH kernel has it's own personal silk, how cool is that! Will use your method to pollinate. Thx, CA Rose

I am a young 76 retired man who enjoyed working with school children for many years. I have never left a comment BUT your site hit a tender spot! I manage a small 12 community garden called Colonial Lakes C.G. in Orlando, FL. Could not take your City (too cold). am trying to learn IF it helps to cut the silks when hand pollenating because it seems logical. YOU DO IT!&? will tie a paper bag of the tassels, shake, collect, CUT SILKS,& tie inverted bag on silks.

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