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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


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WOW. I'm so impressed, Martina!

Thanks for the info. Your blog found its way to me in suburban Boston where we own 3 acres, have many vege gardens, and raise chickens for meat and eggs. I've been wondering about rabbits and your info has helped. I wish Carpenter was teaching a class near me!

Did you read her book, Farm City?

Westford, MA

Freaks, you are no better than Charles Manson.

Can you elaborate on that? I appreciate comments from all points of view, but I'd like to have a good conversation about it instead of one-sided insults.

I would ignore that strange comment from left field Martina! I have been raising rabbits for meat 3 years now and it was the best decision I have ever made for my family.

I heard about this event a while back, and am wondering if you know if any more will be held soon? We are considering raising backyard meat rabbits, but don't want to start if we're not going to be able to finish, if you know what I mean. We live in RI, but would definitely travel to the city for something like this, if it were to be held again.

I haven't heard about any more sessions of this class, but check out www.MeatPaper.com for future updates, which is where I found out about the class originally. It's a great resource for information about... well... meat!

I say, "way to go girl"!
I am considering this move myself and have been looking through the web for info when I found your blog. Some folks just do not really get it I guess, and I wonder what many of those people who seem so narrow in their thinking will do for food, when they realize that plants also have a response/reaction to human touch and voice, does this mean our broccoli may have once had a dream before we chomp it down? Who knows. But, if science ever does come to that conclusion, I really feel for the folks like "Freaks". Of course there will always be synthetic nutrition!

I also am thinking of raising rabbits for food. I think it is very important to know where your food comes from. I am glad to have read this as I am very leery of killing the poor thing. So far I have "prepared" my own fish, deer, craw fish and crabs. I cried when we skinned the deer... But could you tell me... Was killing it emotionally taxing? And ignore the freak comment... That person shouldn't even open their mouth unless they are a full on vegan...

Thanks for this! I'm planning on raising meat rabbits and was frightened I couldn't handle the slaughter bit (chickens, wounded animals easy, but cease the life functions of a perfectly sound furry animal, not so sure.) Your discussion and the info about how you and Michael handled the humane death, dressing and butchering has helped me, even if I never do it.

I really appreciate your comments about calming him down and speaking your appreciation for the sacrifice. Just because we are killing then going to eat them doesn't mean we have to be cruel. As to the freaks thing, if that person was really about love and caring, they would realize you have the right to eat the animals as they have the right to not. And if they aren't about love and care for others, they need help.

(Why is it okay for a wolf to kill and eat a rabbit but not a human? In this case you were so much more humane than the wolf. The animal didn't die in absolute terror and didn't suffer a long process of being torn apart.)

Anyways, to end a long spiel; Thank You for sharing your experience.

Very brave, I don't know if I could do it...
2 1/2 years on, are you still at it?
What have you learnt from the whole experience?

Wow, this is amazing - thank you so much for sharing this awesome experience. We'd both love to raise chickens and rabbits for meat, but have had a lot of fear about it. This definitely helped us calm down about it.

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