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Sunday, May 15, 2011


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this is so awesome

this is amazing!! so cool! I want to do it too!!! Sidenote: your mom is the best.

If you look under FREE items on Craigslist you will find many places are looking to get rid of them. I found the pallets that Martina used at a small business in Boston, and was able to pick them up on the way home from work. I just emailed them for the address, or often the address will be posted in the ad. BTW: What are MOM's for?????

@Jo Ann Fugazzotto (so glad I only had to learn how to spell 'Short' in kindergarten, that's a lot of last name y'all have!) Per your tip, I searched my local Craigslist for free pallets and several turned up, YAY! Just wanted to say thank you!!

I love this and want to do it. Could you put berries in this? would they grow upwards on it, like a bush? Let me know if you have any insights!

Hi Jessi, I wouldn't try berries in this for two reasons: First, pallet wood tends to be chemically treated so I would only plant non-edibles in a pallet planter just to be safe.

But second, there's not much space for a root system here, especially a perennial one like a blueberry bush that would outgrow a small space in one season. (Strawberries would probably work, but then we're back to the chemical wood issue.)

BUT! I'm growing blueberry bushes in buckets I found on the side of the road. I simply drilled holes for drainage and they're growing great. Do you have space for buckets?

Pallets get thrown away by factories to rot somewhere in a field. Using them in this way to plant beautiful plants is a great way to recycle them and at the same time save money on pots.

I totally love this project. Where I work is a warehouse and we have sooooo many pallets, for me it was only difficult to choose.I'll make my vertical "garden" this weekend. Thank you for sharing your idea.

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