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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


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Great stuff. But how do I know when it's time to pick my carrots and beets? I pulled a carrot, but it was still just a stub. Ugh! Any guidance?

Better late than never in my replying to your blog post! I am groniwg Rosa Bianca, Listada de Gandia, Rosita, and Black Beauty this summer for my zone, 6A, it's almost time to start their seeds. I'm most excited about Rosita it's a very pretty, bright magenta color that will show up really nicely against the Black Beauties and lavender stripes of the other two. I would highly suggest Rosita for the lovely color.

Thanks for the info, and fact checking! I find most of my information the same way...bookmarking you! I am going to go grab my Ivory Eggplants off the vine right now, and make a yummy lasagna...
I like the leathery corner too, sometimes!

Im so glad i found you...i also am growing eggplant for the first time, and wasn't sure when to pick it..but after what i just read, i better get to picking! Thanks a bunch!

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