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Sunday, August 07, 2011


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Seed this is not enough food to give you even a good taste of what you have grown. As seed you could get a bountiful harvest next season. I vote for seed because it is the best return for what you harvested this season

I would have to agree, that's nothing more than a snack! Besides, in hard times there are always alternatives to turn to if you look in the right places. I would be interested to see how these grow, vote for keep :)

I love Edamame! Here are some ways I eat them In addition to eaitng them out of the shells like your describe. You can also buy them already deshelled out of the pod, and then they are great for 1) On a salad 2) As a vegetable side dish with dinner.3) Mixed in with a pasta dish (like pene with fresh tomatoes and feta cheese and some edamame!)Edamame! I love them! They were a big part of my weight loss from 200lbs to 150lbs.

The second factor to locating the Black Prom Dress would be to get into consideration how you strategy on wearing your hair.

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