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Sunday, February 05, 2012


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Interesting notion. I have followed some of the vertical growing techniques on other blogs. I decided to try corn in my rubbermaid style tubs this year after I read a comment that claimed that anything can be grown in containers so long as it was large enough for the plant. Will be interested is seeing how your experiment goes.

Amazing. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

Just found you through Dark Rye Mag and absolutely love what you are doing! I live in Sydney, Australia and I am fortunate to have a lot of sun on my balcony all year around which enables me to grow herbs and vegetables as well. I just had my first strawberry yesterday and I'm harvesting eggplant and capsicums later this week! You've really inspired me to try growing more food! Keep up the great work! xx

Hi! I really enjoy reading your blog. Do you you grow organically?

To be honest Patrick, I didn't set out to be an organic gardener, but it seems that I am by default! I compost so I create my own mulch and fertilizer. I don't use pesticides simply because I haven't had pests (which must be because I'm such a genius gardener, duh!). I plant only heirloom seeds because I love the practice of seed saving, and you can't save seeds from modified/hybrid plants. So I guess the answer is: accidentally, yes!!

Hi - I'm looking into making some type of vertical gardening system for my tiny yard and stumbled upon your DIY project. I was curious to see how the hanging bag is working out for you -- is it holding up or would you recommend any design changes or use of different materials? Thanks!!

I had reservations about the idea of using vinyl in this application. oilcloth by the yard includes this info on their site:

The CPSIA act of 2008 prohibits oilcloth garments such as bibs and aprons or toys for children under age 12. This is due to the level of phthalates (a softener present in all vinyl) in the PVC coating.

what about using the tarp material (the stuff ikea bags are made from) that's made of (recyclable) polypropylene?

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