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I am just begining my very first garden and I have found your blog very inspirational. Although I find the idea about planting in plastic conatiners easy and great( right up my alley) I am concerned about the exposure of the plastic chemicals seeping into the soil. What research have you done on this if any, because I am trying to do the garden as organic as possible to benefit my grandson. Thanks for the enjoyable educational blog and I wish you much sucess with your tomatoes and evry other endeavor.

I was contemplating on growing farm plants in my window boxes. What would you suggest? Any plant ideas that would not need a huge depth of soil. I have great sun.

Jo Ann
Brookine, MA

Thanks for the great info dog I owe you bigtigy.

I am attempting a grdean for the first time, and am unsure of the best spot to plan it. Our house block much of the sun in our yard, so the best spot is at the bottom of a small slope where the water runoff passes, leaving the ground almost always saturated and soft. I planned on building a bit of a raised bed. Is this a good spot to plan my grdean or not? I watched a few videos online and one said it would be a good spot, but I wanted to be sure.Thanks in advance!

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Hi! My name is Martina and I have a "farm" in my New York City backyard called FarmTina.

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